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Reasons to Ditch Your Window Unit AC

Air Conditioning

When warmer weather knocks at your front door, it may be your first instinct to turn on your air conditioner! And if you’ve yet to make the switch to a central unit, then you’ll be relying on your good ol’ window unit. Sure, this aluminum hub can provide a cool, gentle breeze when you need it most — but it cannot cool down your entire home with the press of a button.

That said, here’s why you might want to consider getting a central air conditioner installed.

Why Should I Get a Central Air Conditioner?

Cools Your Entire Home

Let’s cut to the chase: A central air conditioner will help keep your entire home cool at an efficient rate. That means you can say goodbye to your plethora of window units in each room of your home. Typically, when a central unit is installed in your living space, there will be at least one vent installed in each room — thanks to the magic of ductwork! This will help keep each cool the minute you turn on the switch.

The best part? If you’re looking for a more custom approach, then it may be wise to consider home-zoning; you’ll be able to adjust the temperature in each room individually!

Saves Energy

As mentioned earlier, a central air conditioner will help chill your living space efficiently. Unlike your window units that take a giant gulp of power the minute they’re turned on, a central air conditioner will not exert more energy than it has to to keep you and your family comfortable. And, of course, with regular scheduled maintenance and tune-ups, this will help keep your energy usage at bay — a sigh of relief for any homeowner!

Another way that a central unit helps save energy is that many newer models are equipped with smart thermostats! This more modern piece of technology acts as the brain of your central air conditioner and can most often be controlled not only by a wall panel but by the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. That means you can adjust the temperature and receive important alerts anywhere, at any time!

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