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New Orleans Heating & AC Energy Efficiency

Find out How You Can Reduce Your Home’s Energy Consumption & Costs

Most homeowners are interested in lowering their utility bills but are unsure how to do so without dramatically reducing their heater and air conditioner usage. During Louisiana’s hotter, colder, and more humid seasons, this is simply not an option. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can lower your monthly bills while still enjoying a comfortable home.

Check out our tips for improving your heating and air conditioning energy efficiency in New Orleans and the surrounding areas:

  • Choose a Modern System: Newer heating and air conditioning systems use cutting-edge technology to provide maximum comfort with minimal energy consumption. Today’s models have better SEER ratings and offer better energy efficiency than even the best options from a decade ago. Upgrading your old, outdated heating and AC system can save you big time.
  • Opt for Custom Installation: Energy efficiency isn’t just about the system you choose—it’s also about the installation. Professional, customized heating or AC system installation can help you save money by ensuring that your system is properly sized for your home and installed in a way that allows it to operate at optimal efficiency.
  • Schedule Regular Maintenance: There’s no better way to ensure that your existing heating and air conditioning system is as energy efficient as it should be than regular preventative maintenance. Studies show that routine tune-ups can increase your system’s efficiency by up to 25%—plus you’ll experience fewer unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.
  • Consider Home Zoning: You can greatly improve your energy efficiency—and cost savings—with home zoning. This home comfort solution allows you to only heat or cool certain areas of your room as needed, meaning you’re not wasting energy heating a bedroom no one’s using or keeping an unused office space cool all summer. Learn more about Ductless mini-split systems here!
  • Upgrade to a Digital, Programmable Thermostat: These modern “smart” thermostats learn your comfort preferences and adjust themselves accordingly. You can even set them to turn off your heating and air conditioning system when no one’s home and turn back on just before you get back so that you’re always comfortable.

At Stuart Services, we’re committed to helping all our customers stay comfortable all year without breaking the bank. Our technicians can provide you with individualized, professional recommendations for improving your heating and air conditioning energy efficiency in New Orleans and beyond. We proudly serve customers throughout Metairie, Northshore, and the Greater Jefferson Parish Area.

Give us a call at (888) 650-5655 or contact us online to learn more about our energy-saving HVAC options!

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