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Emergency Electrician in New Orleans

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Electrical issues can be extremely hazardous and should be dealt with as soon as they are discovered. If you suspect you have a problem with your electrical system, it’s imperative that you call a licensed, experienced electrician as soon as possible to avoid the risk of an electrical fire. In New Orleans, the name to trust for affordable, professional electrical work is Stuart Services. When you call us, we’ll respond promptly to your home to resolve your electrical troubles as quickly as possible. Located in Metairie, we proudly serve New Orleans, Kenner, Gretna, and the North Shore area.

Call an emergency electrician immediately if you have noticed the following:

  • Heat coming from an outlet, switch, or service panel
  • Flickering or buzzing lights
  • Fishy or burnt-plastic smells near outlets or electrical devices
  • Electrical shocks when you plug in or unplug something

Protect your home and your family from electrical hazards. Immediately call (888) 650-5655 to request service from a trusted emergency electrician in New Orleans.

Is Your Older Home Up to Code?

Did you know that electrical issues are the culprit behind more than one-third of all structural fires? Electrical emergencies often are the result of outdated wiring or circuit breakers. This is a concern especially if you live in one of the many older or historic homes in the New Orleans area, which are likely to have outdated electrical systems that cannot keep up with modern energy demands. Just think about how many things you’re asking your old wiring to handle – charging smart phones, powering appliances, keeping the lights on while you blow dry your hair, run your clothes dryer, and your dishwasher at the same time, etc. If you haven’t already upgraded your electrical panel or had your home rewired, don’t wait until it becomes an emergency. Regular electrical inspections are a good way to protect your home and identify any potential issues before they turn into hazards.

Emergency Electrical Repairs You Can Count On

Electrical issues won’t just go away on their own and will only get worse if ignored. If you need emergency repairs, call Stuart Services at (888) 650-5655 or use our online contact form. We’re standing by to take your call!

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