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Reasons Why You Should Replace Your HVAC Filter Soon


The minute the warm, summer weather arrives, you’ll be relying on your central air conditioner a little more often than you do throughout the year. And when that’s the case, your HVAC air filter will need to be replaced regularly, rather than annually — but why is that?

Here some reasons any homeowner should consider.

Why Should I Replace My HVAC Filter Soon?

Helps Your Unit Run Efficiently

Believe it or not, your HVAC filter will help your unit run much more efficiently. The reason being is that it will help stop any lingering debris in your home (i.e., pet dander) from going airborne and making its way into your air ducts.

However, if you have a high abundance of allergens in your home and your filter gets clogged rather quickly, that will not only bog down the performance of your unit, but it will make it work twice as hard to produce cold air — which can ultimately shorten its lifespan and increase your energy bills.

Prevents Allergens from Circulating

While on the topic of indoor allergens, a filter will act as a “security guard” and prevent any airborne debris from making their way into your air ducts. The filter is your HVAC unit’s source of protection from outdoor pollutants brought in by foot (if you opt not to take your sneakers off), dust, and other airborne debris.

With that being said, if a filter is kept intact for a much longer period of time — say, more than two months (if it’s a standard quality filter) — then it’s possible that it won’t be able to defend against airborne pollutants and may gradually diminish your indoor air quality. So, how often should you replace your HVAC filter?

How Often Should I Replace My HVAC Filters?

Depends on How Often You Use Your Unit

As mentioned earlier, typically, the summertime is when many homeowners rely heavily on their central air conditioner (and for a good reason). However, if you happen to use standard filters, you should replace them approximately every 60 days — minimum.

This will help keep your HVAC unit’s performance in tip-top shape and will eliminate the possibility of bogging it down. However, if there are any lingering bouts of indoor allergies in your home or any respiratory ailments, you may want to consider replacing your filters more frequently.

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