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How to Prevent a Clogged Drain


Help — I Have a Clogged Drain in My Home!

Let’s face it: We’ve all been there when it comes to clogged drains in our homes. It seems that no drain is off-limits from getting a nasty clog when you least expect it; from the bathroom to the kitchen.

However, if you’re looking to help prevent clogs from happening in your humble abode, here are some expert tips to help make things a little easier.

Ways to Prevent Clogged Drains Around Your House

Invest in a Drain Guard

Typically an inexpensive addition to any home, this little mesh screen will play a significant role in preventing clogs from forming. Once this device is in place, it will stop anything that shouldn’t flow down your drain in its tracks — from strands of hair to food that falls off a plate that you’re rinsing.

Use Baking Soda

Sometimes, a drain can smell rather unpleasant — which is something no homeowner looks forward to. However, if you’re looking to keep yours smelling as clean as can be while helping to keep it clear, consider using baking soda to do the trick!

First, take a generous amount of the culinary staple and pour it down your drain. Next, carefully take some hot water (whether it be from a kettle on the stove or the faucet itself) and pour it down the drain. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll notice a grand difference with your drain!

Run Cold Water

If you happen to have a garbage disposal, it’s essential to make sure that you have cold water running when it’s in use. Doing so will help food migrate smoothly down the drain and prevent any potential clogs. Plus, doing this will also help preserve your disposal — which is always a plus!

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