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Why You Should Avoid Using Bath Bombs


Are Bath Bombs Bad for Plumbing?

If you consider yourself a “bath enthusiast,” chances are you’ve used a bath bomb (or a few) during your soaks. While these fizzing, floating, soapy wonders are the perfect way to add an extra layer of elegance to your bath, they can also be harming your home’s plumbing system in the process. Here’s what you need to know:

What Are Bath Bombs?

For those that might still be using liquid bubbles by the bottle, bath bombs combine wet and dry ingredients merged into a sphere (typically) that, when placed in water, will provide the bath with essential oils, moisturizer, flower petals, and more. Essentially, a bath bomb is a simplified way to create an instant spa-like experience in your home.

Why Are Bath Bombs Bad?

They Can Create Clogs

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, since many bath bombs are made with an array of essential oils, glitters, and flower petals, they are not plumbing-friendly. While they may not clog your tub with sporadic use, there is a chance they’ll create a pretty severe clog with continued use.

Think about it like this: all of those non-plumbing-friendly ingredients have the chance to cling to the walls of your drainpipe — and with added hair and soap scum, the bath bomb’s ingredients will begin to help narrow the drain, leaving no room for wastewater to travel to the sewer.

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How Can I Protect My Home’s Plumbing When Taking a Bath?

Stick to Liquid Bubbles

One of the best ways to take a stress-free bath is to stick to using bubbles that come in liquid form. Not only are these formulated to provide the bubbles you’re looking for, but they’re generally plumbing-safe and will leave little room for a clog to form.

Use a Mesh Bag

Now, if you can’t fathom ditching bath bombs for your next bath, there is a way to use them in a much safer way — cue a mesh bag. Before purchasing your bath bomb, make sure it does not have any essential oils in it. Once you have a worry-free bath bomb in your possession, place it in a small mesh bag before dipping it in the water.

The mesh bag will not only allow you to use your bath bomb more safely, but it will help catch any not-drain-friendly ingredients (i.e., rose petals) before they have the chance to plummet down the pipe.

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