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Why is My Energy Bill Expensive During the Summer?


Why are Energy Bills Higher During the Summer?

Ah, summertime — the perfect time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the sunshine! However, the even warmer months ahead in Louisiana may also tend to be a tad more expensive when paying monthly utility bills. While the steep incline may come as a surprise to most, here are a few reasons why there might have been a price increase in the first place.

Putting off Air Conditioner Repairs

If your car was making a strange noise, would you pull over to the side of the road and look for the source of the sound, or would you continue to drive? When it comes to your central air conditioner, the same concept should apply.

Sure, your central comfort unit is bound to make some noise here and there — but if you hear anything out of the ordinary (i.e., rattling, banging, etcetera), that could spell trouble.

And suppose your air conditioner has a loose or broken part creating that racket? If the culprit goes without repair, your system will not only work twice as hard to produce the cold air you’re looking for, but the unnecessary strain will also increase your energy bills.

Not Replacing Your Air Filter

Now, suppose your central air conditioner is in tip-top shape, but it’s still using an excessive amount of energy — you may want to glance at your air filter. As it turns out, your central cooling system’s filter can be looked at like a beverage straw: if there’s an obstruction, you’ll have to work twice as hard to retrieve the beverage in the glass.

Through everyday use, your central air conditioner will come in contact with allergens. The filter stops these airborne pests from making their way into your ductwork and being distributed throughout your home. However, if your filter has been intact for quite some time, not only will it make your air conditioner work harder, but it will also unevenly distribute the air in your home — making your unit cycle frequently.

If you feel as if your central air conditioner’s filter may be to blame, consider replacing it about every 30 to 90 days. That way, you’ll not only stay in the clear when it comes to airborne allergens, but you’ll also be helping your central cooling system work much more efficiently (and cutting down on your energy consumption in the process).

Central Cooling Services in New Orleans, LA

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