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What To Check When Your AC Is Not Cooling

Air Conditioning

Has your central air conditioner stopped providing your home with cool air? If so, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Make sure to check the following items to help restore your central air conditioning system’s cooling power.

1. The Thermostat

First, always check to make sure your thermostat is responding. If the screen is blank, it may need new batteries, or you may need to reset the circuit breaker associated with it. Next, check the settings and make sure your thermostat is set to “Cool” and “Auto.” If the thermostat is set to “On,” then the fan will keep circulating air even when the air conditioner isn’t actively cooling air.

2. Your Circuit Breaker Panel

If your air conditioner won’t turn on, see if the unit tripped the circuit breaker. Air conditioners often trip the circuit breaker associated with them immediately following a power outage when electricity returns to a home in a rapid surge.

Sometimes after an air conditioner trips the circuit breaker, it will need to be reset to start working properly again. Refer to your air conditioner’s owner’s manual to reset your system correctly. In many cases, you can look up the owner’s manual online when you search by your system’s model number, which is usually located on the outdoor unit.

3. The Power Switches

Your air conditioner has two on/off switches, and both must be in the “on” position for the system to work. First, check the outdoor switch, located on or next to the outdoor unit. It’s usually inside of a metal box on the wall of your home next to your outdoor unit.

Second, check the indoor switch, located inside your home near your air handler or furnace. This switch typically looks like a light switch.

4. The System’s Air Filter

Has it been a while since you changed your HVAC system’s air filter? If the filter is dirty, then it could be blocking airflow into your air conditioner and causing the equipment to overheat and shut down. If the filter is brand new but has a higher efficiency than the filters you’ve been using before, try using a filter with a lower efficiency rating to allow more airflow through your AC system.

New Orleans AC Services

If your air conditioner is still having cooling issues, then it might need a repair, or it could simply be overdue for routine maintenance. At Stuart Services, our experienced technicians take pride in providing helpful, honest service. For help with your AC in New Orleans, Metairie, North Shore, Belle Chasse, Covington, and the surrounding areas, call us today at 504-321-2079.