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What Can Cause Low Water Pressure?


3 Things That Can Cause Low Water Pressure at Home

When you’re a homeowner, many things can occur when you least expect it — such as low water pressure. Now, while it may seem as if there’s no rhyme or reason why this happens, there are a few common situations that can contribute to it. Here’s what to keep in mind about the root causes of low water pressure.

1. Clogged Pipes

Sadly, clogs usually form deep within your plumbing pipes. And when this happens, it will “throw a wrench” into the way your home’s plumbing system operates — causing low water pressure as one of the side effects. However, while you may be tempted to tamper with your plumbing and try to remove the obstruction on your own, it’s best to put the DIY aside and contact your plumber instead.

2. Leaking Pipes

Another common cause for low water pressure within your home can be a leaking pipe. When there’s a gash in the pipeline (whether it be big or small), that puncture will redirect the water outside of the “wound” and not where you need it in your home. While pipe leaks are often something you can spot within seconds, some are hidden and require the help of a plumbing superhero.

3. Failing Pressure Regulator

If you have a pressure regulator in your home (not all houses have one), there’s a chance it may need to be repaired (or replaced altogether). And while you can use a pressure gauge to determine if the one in your home has seen better days, making the wrong move (or not knowing how to use the pressure gauge properly) could result in elevated frustration levels on your end.

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