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What Can a Digital Programmable Thermostat Do For Me?


Why Should I Get a Programmable Thermostat?

More home and business owners are discovering the benefits of installing a digital programmable thermostat instead of the traditional thermostats usually found on heating and cooling systems. This upgrade is fast, affordable, and practical; you can expect to see savings on energy bills, convenient setting features, and more.

Still not sure if a digital programmable thermostat will be the right choice for your home? Here are some more perks that you can look forward to when the device is installed:

It Allows for a Convenient Custom Cooling Schedule

Older traditional thermostats tend to heat/cool spaces even when the homeowner is away — which (you guessed it!) wastes energy by keeping an empty house comfortable. A digital programmable thermostat allows you to set a convenient custom cooling/heating schedule that can be adapted to each household’s unique living routine. This will ensure that your HVAC unit is only in use when someone is present, not when you’re at the office or on vacation.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Indoor Environment with Consistent Temperatures

The installment of a digital programmable thermostat allows you to enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment that keeps the air at a consistent temperature ideal for the occupants inside.

Program your perfect temperature (whether through your smartphone or on the device itself), and let the thermostat take care of the rest. Imagine no more hot, stuffy pockets of air or chilly air blasts that are anything but comfortable.

It Provides System Alerts

Some programmable thermostats come equipped with alerts that will let homeowners know when to change filters or when a piece of the HVAC unit needs to be repaired or replaced.

This is a simple and handy convenience that can help extend the lifetime of your heating/cooling system, since catching small issues early on can help lessen the chance of expensive repair bills or unit replacement costs down the road.

It Can Help Reduce Energy Costs

One of the best features that a digital programmable thermostat can do is to help save money on those high energy bills that arrive every month.

You’d be pleasantly amazed at how much can be saved when the unit isn’t working harder than it has to in order to cool/heat your home or business. Within a month’s time, you’ll begin to notice the savings that this incredible thermostat can offer!

Thermostat Services in New Orleans, LA

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