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Simple Ways to Improve Your Central Air Conditioner’s Performance

Air Conditioning

When you feel a lingering cough coming on, what’s usually your first plan of action? For most, it’s a trip to the doctor’s office to see what the problem might be — because, after all, that newly-developed cough could turn into something a bit more serious. And the minute you hear a strange sound (hopefully not a cough) from your central air conditioner, it’s essential to get it checked out right away to help maintain its performance. And that’s just it: if you’re looking to keep your AC in good spirits, here’s what you need to do:

Don’t Ignore Strange Sights and Sounds

Sometimes, it can be easy to ignore the sights and sounds of a failing central AC. While reading this, you might say to yourself, “Gee, how can anyone do that?” but believe it or not, it happens more often than you think, especially if you’re always on the go. Therefore, it’s still important to take the time to carefully observe your unit when you think something’s wrong.

For instance, if you hear a strange sound, it could be a sign of a broken or loose part in your air conditioner — which is never a good thing (especially if you continue to use it). Another common sign is that your central AC isn’t adequately cooling your home down, no matter how long it runs. This could signal that either there’s a leak in one of the ducts or that your ductwork has blockages and it may need a duct cleaning. No matter what seems “off” to you, the minute you catch it, make sure to contact your trusted HVAC company.

Routine AC Maintenance is Important

Can you recall the last time you scheduled annual AC maintenance? Think of this in the same regard as a yearly physical with your doctor; a certified HVAC technician will examine your AC from head to toe, making sure that everything is intact and that nothing is perplexing to the eye or ear.

However, by chance, if your HVAC technician does catch something that doesn’t seem right, they’ll be able to provide you with solutions to the problem on the spot. And if that lingering problem needs to be repaired immediately, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it will be in the hands of a certified professional; it’s that simple.

Make it a Habit to Replace Your HVAC Filter

Spoiler alert: it’s crucial to replace your HVAC filter when needed. When you have a dirty filter intact, think of it as placing a bedsheet over a rotating fan: if the sheet isn’t sheer enough to move air through it, then the rotating fan will work twice as hard to make it happen — the same concept applies to your AC.

A dirty HVAC filter will put your unit into overdrive, making it work much harder than it has to, all in an effort to produce cold air. In fact, this can even take a serious toll on your unit’s health, driving it towards the direction of requiring AC repair. When in doubt, know that most HVAC filters need to be replaced every two-to-three months. And if your indoor air quality has seen better days, or you’re using your AC frequently, then it would be best to replace your filters even sooner.

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