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Signs Your Home Has Poor IAQ

Indoor Air Quality

Can a Home Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Nowadays, you might find yourself spending more of your time indoors rather than outdoors. And when that’s the case, there’s a chance that the air quality within your humble abode can suffer. From lighting scented candles to using chemical household cleaners, there are many different ways that you can bog down your “IAQ” and make it anything less than stellar.

However, since indoor air quality is invisible to the human eye, what are some tell-tale signs that yours might need some TLC?

Common Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality at Home

You Suffer from Indoor Allergies

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, then you know that they’re not delightful to endure. From sneezing and sniffling to coughing and wheezing, the list goes on. However, if you have poor indoor air quality, you may suffer from these side effects, all year long, regardless of the weather.

In fact, you feel as if your allergy symptoms worsen when you’re staying indoors, then this is a sign that your indoor air quality has seen better days and could use some improvement — such as having a professional IAQ solution installed in your home.

You Notice the Presence of Mold

One of the most alarming sights for any homeowner is seeing mold growth. Whether it be in the living room or the hallway, no space in your humble abode is off-limits. Typically, when you stumble upon the formation of mold or mildew, it’s usually because there is a plumbing problem. However, in terms of poor indoor air quality, these unwanted sights can be formed due to poor circulation and uneven humidity levels.

As it’s known, mold and mildew aren’t healthy to inhale in any regard; they can be detrimental to your health and overall well-being. That said, to help combat them from creeping into your home any further, it’s best to have a whole-home dehumidifier installed. This device acts like your typical store-bought dehumidifier, but it “packs more of a punch” and helps keep your home’s humidity levels intact, from a professional standpoint.

The Team at Stuart Services Can Help Improve Your Home’s IAQ!

To learn more about the indoor air quality services we offer, or to schedule your appointment with our team of pros, give us a call at 504-321-2079 or fill out a form on our website! We look forward to helping you and your family get the clean air that you deserve!