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Signs of a Clogged Drain


A Drain in Your Home Might Clog Soon…

Believe it or not, sometimes the specific signs that indicate a drain will clog in the future can go unnoticed until it’s too late. Whether it’s a sink drain or a shower drain, there are a few ways you can tell if you might be on your way to having an upcoming blockage — but how so?

Here are a few of the many signs that can indicate your drain might be in for a rude awakening:

Signs that Foreshadow a Clogged Drain

Sour Smells

When you hover over the drain, do you get a waft of a rather unpleasant smell coming from it? If so, that can be a sign that something is obstructing the pathway for water to escape. Many different objects could be causing that drain to narrow, from food scraps to a clump of hair that is intertwined with soap scum.

Besides a professional drain cleaning to eliminate what might be lingering within it, consider opting for an inexpensive drain guard to place in your plumbing fixture. This will not only help keep any undesirable items from lingering into your drain, but it can even help you in those “uh-oh” moments when a ring on your finger falls into the base of the plumbing fixture.

Slow Draining Water

The minute you shut the faucet off, if you happen to notice that the water in your sink or tub drains at a glacial pace, that can indicate that there’s some sort of blockage occurring. While there are a few quick fixes to make this problem go away, they should not be taken — we’re looking at you, chemical drain cleaner.

If you notice that water is draining very slowly, consider using a natural alternative to clear the clog (such as baking soda and hot water) for the time being, then call your trusted plumber to take care of the clog on hand.

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