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What Can Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality

Does My Home Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Unlike many blunders around a home, it’s nearly impossible to visually see that your indoor air quality is anything less than stellar. And while that’s the case, in many situations, helping your humble abode maintain good “IAQ” is essential — especially for your well-being.

Now, if you’re not too sure what could cause poor indoor air quality in the first place, here are a few things to be mindful of:

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Burning Scented Candles

Sure, there’s nothing better than lighting a bright, fragrant candle in your home — but they’re not as ~wonderful~ as they appear. With scents such as peach cobbler and fresh roses, these types of candles will help make your humble abode smell fantastic, but the chemicals they emit will bog down your indoor air quality.

Using Aerosol Air Fresheners

On the topic of livening up the scent of your home, if you’re prone to using aerosol sprays to make your living space smell like a lavender field, chances are, you’re also polluting your indoor air. Just like scented candles, sprayable air fresheners are packed with an array of chemical components that, when released from the can, can hinder your IAQ as well as your respiratory health over time, too.

Smoking Cigarettes Indoors

You’d be unpleasantly surprised to hear so, but there are still many homeowners that tend to smoke cigarettes indoors. While they may have a window open or a nearby fan on, any trace of the cigarette’s inner composition goes airborne and lingers inside of the home. And while there are many health issues related to smoking, this nicotine-based habit can even diminish your home’s air quality.

Not Grooming Pets Often

Depending on the breed of your dog, there’s a chance that they may need to be groomed often. However, if you tend to let their grooming appointments fall by the wayside, not only will any fur your canine sheds be even more present, but it will also go airborne — which has a chance to make its way into your air ducts. Sure, this may seem minuscule, but those stray furs have the opportunity to bog down your HVAC unit and even cause mild-to-severe indoor allergy symptoms.

When Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Needs Help, Stuart is Here to Save the Day!

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